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Saturday 14th July - Buxton Carnival

Saturday 14th July 2018 - Buxton Carnival

As from 13:30hrs the bus stops on Buxton Market Place and Terrace Road will be closed, all buses should have departed from the town centre by 13:40hrs at the latest.

Summary of service movements; During the carnival procession which starts at 14:00hrs

* Skyline 199 to Manchester Airport and 190 service to Shallcross will terminate/start on Fairfield Road (outside number 2).

* Trans Peak services to Manchester and Derby will divert from its normal route in Buxton, but will call at additional bus stops on Fairfield Road and London Road.

* The last 76 service to Brownedge will operate at 11:00hrs and the last 77 service to Sherwood Road will operate at 12:00hrs.

* 185/186 Services between Fairfield-Buxton-Harper Hill will be suspended until the Carnival Procession has finished.

* Service 58 to Macclesfield at 14:25hrs and 15:25hrs will depart from the bus stop on Ashwood Dale, Bakewell Road (A6).

* Service 61 to Glossop departing at 14:00hrs and 15:00hrs will leave from the bus stop on Manchester Road (Opposite Buxton and Leek College).

* Service 65 to Sheffield at 14:30hrs will depart from the bus stop on Ashwood Dale, Bakewell Road (A6).

* Service 442 to Ashbourne at 14:25hrs and 15:35hrs will depart from the bus stop on Ashwood Dale, Bakewell Road (A6).

Please note: After the Carnival Procession and Station Road re-opened, buses will pick up at and opposite Buxton Rail Station.

Opposite Buxton Rail Station - The Green Butterfly Bus Stop, services are as followed;

* 16 service to Leek and Hanley (D&G Buses),

* 58 service to Macclesfield opposite Rail Station (after serving the Iceland stop),

* 61 Service to Glossop,

* 185 and 186 services to Harpur Hill,

* 442 Service to Ashbourne opposite Rail Station (after serving the Iceland stop),

* Trans Peak service to Bakewell and Derby,

* 65 Service to Sheffield,

* 66 Service to Chesterfield (Hulleys).

Services departing from outside Buxton Rail Station - The Yellow Butterfly Bus Stop;

* 185 and 186 services to Fairfield,

* 190 service to Chinley and Shallcross,

* Skyline 199 service to Chapel, Whaley, Stockport and Manchester Airport.

* Trans Peak Services to Stockport and Manchester.

Please note: The Bus Stops on Station Road will be marked with Green and Yellow Butterflies in order to aid identification.

After the Carnival Procession;

* The Trans Peak will make an extra stop at the bus stops by London Road traffic lights and Fairfield Road.

No Buses will serve Terrace Road or the Market Place until the first bus on Sunday Monday.

Thank you for your patience!!