Travel Club

Our Travel Club offers great savings for regular, and not so regular, customers travelling on High Peak services. Club discounts are available on most of our services.

How does it work?

Travel Club membership lasts for 12 months from the date you join. Short term membership for one month is offered locally to some customers. Membership for 12 months costs £10, and then you get access to discount travel and special offers, including 15% off standard single and return fares when you travel on any High Peak service. Present your membership card (which we will send to you a few days after your application is received) to the driver each time you travel, to receive a discounted ticket. 

Examples of Savings

With Travel Club a standard £2.60 fare will only cost you £2.20, giving you a saving of 40p. If you were to make the same journey twenty times over two months, you would make a saving of £8.00. The savings soon start to mount up!

Standard adult fare

Travel Club Price

You save














Please note that the 15% discount only applies to Adult Single and Adult Return tickets

It is not applicable to any Weekly, Monthly, Termly or Annual season ticket fares. 

The Travel Club discount does not apply to Child fares. 


Where is it valid?

Travel Club is valid on all High Peak services. For details of acceptance outside of the High Peak area on Centrebus services please click here.

How do I join?

Online membership applications are now being accepted. Please use the link below.  

The annual membership fee is £10, and a £1 postage/booking fee is applied. Before applying, please ensure that Travel Club discounts are available on the routes that you use, as not all areas are currently offering discounts and some routes are excluded (see above).

Travel is subject to our normal terms and conditions of carriage. Please note that lost membership cards cannot be replaced, and a new card will need to be purchased.


Alternatively, you can join Travel Club by sending a cheque for the sum of £11.00 payable to Centrebus Ltd to: Customer Services, 102 Cannock Street, Leicester, LE4 9HR. Please remember to include details of your name and address so we can send your membership card to you.

Terms and Conditions

All travel with High Peak is subject to our normal Terms and Conditions of Carriage. In addition, the following conditions apply to all Travel Club discount card membership:

  • A Travel Club discount card offers no preferential priority for travel rights.
  • Travel Club discounts are available only to members who have paid the annual membership fee. Discount Card membership is not transferable, and membership will be cancelled without refund where misuse is identified.
  • The Travel Club discount card must be presented and held at all times when travelling if a discount fare is to be applied.
  • No refund of the membership fee is available for customers who wish to end their membership before expiry.
  • Before applying, prospective members must ensure that membership is of value to them and applies to the routes they intend to use. No refund of membership will be given in the event of subsequent route changes or network variation, including the transfer of services to other operators by a local authority.
  • Please note that lost discount cards cannot be replaced, and a new card will need to be purchased